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OneOrbit School Application

Great for Parents and Students, Simple and Easy for Schools



Thru OneOrbit, parents can connect to the school and get access to all the academic information of the student. Parents will also be able to write to school and get replies online. This ensures simple data management and no data loss.
Parents will have access to class schedule, assignments, details of teachers for the specific class, their kids bus route details with pick up and drop timings depicted on a map. Parents will also be able to shop school merchandise from the site.
The tool provides parents and students access to school photo galleries, notices etc. as well.

The tool also supports connection from students. Students can access all the information related them. Students will not be able to write to school or shop for merchandise, these functions are only available to parents.
With the powerful features available in the OneOrbit school application, you can move to a completely digitized school handbook.


OneOrbit school application has a powerful survey engine that lets you conduct surveys targeted at Parents or Students. The survey engine process the survey results and presents beautiful graphical reports of the results.

With the survey feature, schools can quickly and easily get feedback from parents and students for their decision making. Gone or the days when schools needed to send printed questionnaires and spend long hours processing the data. Now creating surveys, sending them out and processing of results can all be done on a click.

Schools have to send academic progress reports to students. OneOrbit school application has a strong report feature that lets schools create customized reports for students. The reports engine takes school input and creates a PDF document on the fly. The created PDF document will have the school logo and report data.

The PDF documents are then posted to the students on the OneOrbit portal. The report engine accomplishes the report creation, PDF generation and distribution in just few clicks. The report engine support multiple report formats and the reports can be customized for individual schools

report barchart


OneOrbit school application enables all the employees of the school to login and manage their activities. The application has controls that limits information and functional access to defined roles.

User roles can be defined at class level or for a functional area at school level. For example, teachers have access to all information related to their classes only, where as principal has access to all.

The application also supports co-ordinators for school level for specific functional areas. These designated co-ordinators will have access and control of all the information related their area of responsibility.

The access control and functional area framework, provides individual security while ensuring that information loss is minimal. These control structures ensure that no information is limited to one person only.


OneOrbit school application is continuously being enhanced with host of new features.

Soon, schools will have access to a Learning Management Solution and Financial Solution.

OneOrbit school application will also be adding GPS based school bus tracking features for Parents and School.

OneOrbit platform itself is being continously enhaced to provide mobile device access.


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